Narrating the Whale Bowl documentary

The Whale Bowl is an award winning documentary I narrated and which has gone on to win critical acclaim internationally. I was honoured to be a part of this project, which highlights the desperate plight of captive cetaceans the world over. The Whale Bowl tells the story of Lolita, the captive Orca, stolen from her family in the wild and condemned to live inside a concrete tank for her 42 years. Lolita still cries for her family.

The Whale Bowl is a short documentary that follows the heart felt plight of Lolita, the world's loneliest orca. Through a combination of animation, archive and live footage, the documentary explores Lolita's history and the people fighting to set her free.

Freddy Visits The Farm

Thrilled to say that Freddy Visits The Farm is out in paperback & kindle now at amazon. 

Freddy Visits The Farm is the latest in the series of early years vegan children's books, ‘The Adventures of Freddy.’ Full of fun and adventure, these stories gently introduce the young reader to themes around animal ethics and the natural world.

Land Of Hope & Glory

Land of Hope and Glory has just been released documenting the hidden truth behind UK animal farming - featuring approximately 100 facilities across the UK and never before seen undercover footage. It will leave everyone in no doubt about the incomprehensible and systematic abuse which is so widespread in UK animal farming. This critical documentary explains the cost of consuming animal flesh and dairy. A must watch for yourself and family.

Ethical Children's Stories With A Big Heart

The Adventures of Freddy, my series of vegan children's books are perfect for early years education around animal rights, the natural world and the role we play.

Full of fun and adventure, each story contains important themes around animal protection and wildlife conservation. It's never too early to start shaping young hearts and minds and creating awareness.

All available at Amazon and Kindle, the latest in the series, Freddy Visits The Farm is coming soon.

Big Win Against Dairy

Great news from the Advertising Standards Agency allowing Humane Milk Is A Myth ad by Go Vegan World to run despite ferocious complaints from the dairy industry. People are waking up to the horrific cruelty involved in the dairy industry, and this is a significant victory against a multi-billion pound industry that rely on misling the public and peddling false claims and misinformation around dairy production.