I never liked bacon, but I loved carbonara, so before I was vegan I used to pick the meat out; now though, I don’t need to.

A new product called ‘I Sea Bacon’ is an exciting and tasty substitute. Basically, I prepared the Sea Bacon by chopping and blanching, before frying in coconut oil with garlic and onions.

Once the pasta (spelt) was ready I transferred into the frying pan and added Alpro Soya Cream, sea salt, pepper, a pinch of paprika and some cheeky chillies (I can’t do without my spice!)

It was super creamy and tasty. I wouldn’t say it’s a close replica of bacon, but I was quite pleased about that. Nevertheless, it works well as part of the dish, and the end result was creamy loveliness.


Classic Chilli sin Carne

A real winter warmer! Prepare and cook exactly the same way, but using plant-based mince. I really like the Vivera range (Tesco, Sainsbury & Waitrose) or Soya mince.

It takes under 15 minutes to cook, and it’s packed full of plant goodness to nurture you from the inside out! Whta’s not to love :) xxx


Winter Roasts Made With Love Only

Winter's coming, and it’s Sunday Roast time!

Vegan roasts are completely delicious, packed full of goodness and easy to prepare. No cooking for three hours to avoid salmonella or E-coli! Yuk!

For our roasts I use the Torfurky joint, available across all supermarkets. The standard size comfortably feeds 4 people, the extra large, 6-8. Perfect for Xmas gatherings. The dogs love it, too!

Just pure goodness and vegan love xoxoxo


Indian Twist

Another really soulful favourite which packs a spicy nutrient hit is my Indian inspired medley of tofu, chilli beans and cauliflower. Full of protein and amino acids this is a real warmer on a cold day.

I part boiled some organic cauliflower and transferred into a baking dish added lots of coconut oil. I diced up some smoked tofu and added a can of organic black chilli beans. I mixed turmeric, chilli flakes, ground coriander, cumin and tandoori powder with pink Himalayan sea salt and black pepper. Set oven to 200 degrees and bake for 25 minutes. I then sprinkled grated vegan cheese, 'Vegan Gourmet Shreds' (cheddar flavour) and cooked for a further 10 minutes until melted. 

Absolutely divine and utterly moorish! #veganlove xx