Awesome Vegan Dog Treats


Dogs are omnivores and have an adaptive metabolism, having evolved alongside humans for millennia, which enables them able to thrive well on a plant-based diet. 

As a vegan, I cannot justify buying other animal flesh to feed my dogs, especially knowing that it is not necessary, so I needed to adapt their diet as well as ours.

There are many vegan foods that I feed our dogs, from quinoa to coconut,  but finding treats was a little more difficult, even though it's an expanding market.

I recently found these little gems which the boys absolutely LOVE. Packed full of goodness including coconut oil, which is excellent for their whole system and makes their coat gleam, also turmeric (a known wonder for its anti-inflammatory properties & a medley of spices and vegetables which are fantastic to their all-around health.

I came across an artisan company called CC Bear which specialises in organic, vegan food for dogs with the focus on wellness and cruelty-free living. They are a UK company, and their product range is fantastic with biscuits for digestive health, skin and cardiovascular support. So far I've tried the Digest Best and Well Being products.

Absolutely recommend these, and it's getting easier every-day to live a beautiful, cruelty-free life