Pink Diamond Instant Lifting Serum by Rodial


Having used Rodial’s cult line, the ‘Dragon’s Blood’ range for several years, I wanted to mix things up and try something new. The skin quickly gets used to routine, and a bit of a shake-up often works wonders for pepping up a complacent complexion!

I wanted something that has the wow factor; something that I could rely on when I’ve been averaging 3 hours sleep a night for a week, under pressure, and expected to look my best under unforgiving studio lights. In short, a bottle of alchemy was the order of the day.

I’d heard about the Pink Diamond Instant Lifting serum, and it sounded like the kind of bottled magic I was after. Containing real diamond powder, potent enzymes and vitamin C, it provides a powerful dose of skin-tightening luminosity. I tried this product throughout a week when I was feeling particularly beleaguered, and the effects were every bit as impressive as I’ve come to expect from Rodial.

It really does transform the skin, lift contours, shrink pores until they’re almost invisible and adds a visible ‘sleep effect’ to the skin. Its light-reflecting magic was noted by several friends and colleagues, who told me I looked more ‘rested’ despite a week of deadlines and events. The Rodial wand strikes again!

I would keep this product as my go-to for pre-events, or when your skin needs turbocharging. Of course, like the other serums in the Rodial range, you can use it as part of your daily routine, and the accumulative effect combats sagging, worn out skin, works on homogenising the skin tone and boosting clarity and radiance.

I also used the Pink Diamond Instant Lifting sheet mask, which works on the same premise and delivers an instant hit of skin tightening peptides. The bio-cellulose face sheets suffuse the skin with hydration and lock in moisture to plump and refresh. Perfect for pre/post parties, Monday mornings, or any other skin SOS.

These are definitely two wonder products in the Rodial arsenal I shall be keeping close by!

In my next Rodial blog I shall be looking at the super luxurious Rose Gold range, so stay tuned!


Heidi xoxox