Hey guys, welcome to my brand new blog!

My name is Heidi, I’m an actress, writer and passionate vegan obsessed with health, well-being, beauty and travel. I am also a committed activist (don’t let that put you off-lots of misconceptions around that word) I am also an Angel Ambassador for Angels for the Innocent Foundation.

My vegan journey started two years ago when seeing first hand the horrendous cruelty and suffering the meat and dairy industry causes to animals and the havoc it wreaks on our beautiful, fragile planet I decided the only way to live with conscience was the vegan way.

I was clear that I wanted to live my life to my highest ideals by consciously causing the least amount of harm whilst still living it to the fullest. I wasn’t about to compromise either.  I wanted all the taste, fun and adventure life could offer without compromising my morals & I didn’t have to. Believe me I’m pretty demanding customer when it comes to the things I love, food, health, beauty and travel so I knew I had a mission.

What I quickly discovered was that a vegan lifestyle enables you not to just live, but to THRIVE. Two years in & I have never felt more alive (or eaten better) I have discovered a world bursting with taste and beauty and I’m incredibly excited to share it.

Of course it’s not a complete antidote to life’s challenges or ups and downs but what I have found is I am a lot calmer, my skin looks years younger and my hormones are balanced and that’s just for starters.

As an actress & model I’m in front of the camera a lot so without sounding vain I need to look good & since being vegan I feel the best I’ve ever felt. The real bonus though is the sense of well-being and purpose I’ve felt since I no longer pollute my body with toxic animal products and knowledge that by not consuming animals or their secretions I am actively helping what’s called the greatest social justice movement since abolishing slavery.  

My hope for this blog is to breakdown some stereotypes of what it means to be vegan in 2017.

By sharing my journey I also hope to inspire and dispel some myths associated with the vegan lifestyle.

There shouldn’t be any frontiers or boundaries to a life of practicing kindness and compassion to all life. Similarly if you’re reading this & you’re for whatever reason not vegan or perhaps just curious then you are still welcome so please read on and I hope to inspire you vegan awesomeness (it’s kind of contagious)

The term vegan conjures lots of often-disparate connotations and social labels, which are not, in my opinion very helpful. From ‘Militant Vegan’ to ‘Elitist Vegan’ it seems that it’s a term that attracts a lot of contention, which is not deserved.

We come in our shapes & sizes, from different backgrounds and lifestyles with eclectic tastes & preferences but united in our commitment to end animal suffering and exploitation by keeping them off of our plates.

Contrary to some pretty out-dated preconceptions not all of us vegans are hippies who exist on a diet of lentils and pulses, as yummy as they are. Nor are we prepared to live a life, which involves feeling ‘deprived’ or ‘going without’. On the contrary.  

Similarly we are for the most part, we are not evangelical preachers with a holier than thou smugness and wings poking out from beneath our ‘Ditch Dairy’ tank tops.

What we are are human earthlings who regard each animal as an individual with a right to co-exist beside us, free from harm. We’re not perfect, we’re human & we all had to start somewhere as few of us were lucky enough to be raised vegan.

I want to show that it’s not just possible but easy to THRIVE being vegan, to live a life full of passion, fearlessness, creativity and kindness. Never before has living a beautiful and compassionate life been more accessible or more fulfilling with a plethora of ethical alternatives to animal products, from beauty to food, fashion to travel.

Today’s market is saturated with meat and dairy alternatives from vegan eggs and cheese to milk  & seafood, as it is cruelty free cosmetics and household products. It makes it super exciting time for everyone & I’ve found that I’ve become a lot more adventurous in turn, especially in the kitchen!!

I’ll be chartering my adventures as I explore the world’s most beautiful destinations, hottest hotels, chicest restaurants, coolest cafes & downright insanely good vegan products from across the board.

So relax, put your feet up and enjoy the latest in my top picks on beautiful food, gorgeous beauty, inspiring interviews, luxury travel, news and lots, lots more.

Much love,

Heidi xoxox